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How to Tie a Buckaroo Knot

Buckaroo Knot

A popular knot with cowboys and cowgirls, the buckaroo knot holds its own style in scarf tying.Buckaroo is the American version of the Spanish word vaquero. In the early days of settling California, when it was still owned by Mexico, the Spanish landowners used vaquero to describe their herdsmen and horsemen. In Spanish, vaca means cow.


Begin with a folded oblong or a bias-band folded square scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck, then grasp opposite ends of the scarf, one in each hand.

Wrap the scarf once around one or two fingers of your left hand, from over front to back and back over the fingers with the end hanging down and loose.

The right scarf end wraps around the front of the left from front to back being sure to go under the loose left end.

The right scarf end then comes forward around from the back, and loops over the loose left end, and through the loop made by the fingers of your left hand, from right to left.

Tighten the square, and there it is, the 4-square buckaroo knot